Monday, October 17, 2011

1000 gifts: #142 - 153

[142] God's promises

[143] having my husband sleeping next to me

[144] another turkey dinner - one week after Thanksgiving

[145] spoken (or texted) words of love and affirmation

[146] a foot massage

[147] erasing some TV series off of my PVR - and not missing them

[148] starting to feel more comfortable in a group setting

[149] not holding back

[150] laundry all folded - and put away

[151] a house full of company

[152] fresh, clean towels

[153] the un-explored path laid out in front of me

1 comment:

Samantha Steg said...

ooh...what series did you get rid of? I want PVR so bad but am terrifed it will one day rule my entire life ;)