Tuesday, October 4, 2011

cake creations

With my girls both celebrating birthdays within the last couple of weeks, I had promised I would share pictures of their cakes (for those of you not on Facebook who haven't already seen the pictures).

This year Joelle didn't want any sort of theme or special shaped cake. Just a regular round carrot cake with pink & white icing. I did try to spruce it up a tad more with the skittles and sprinkles...but to be honest, I was disappointed that she didn't want something more elaborate. Yes, this was less time-consuming, but I've always had fun creating something fun on their birthdays.

However, Joelle did say that this was the best cake I have ever made her - so I suppose that's all that counts!

Malia on the other hand, was not about to go easy on me! She had all sorts of ideas for her cake - from a beaver to a kangaroo...and I can't even remember all of the other suggestions. In the end, she (thankfully) settled on a bunny cake - and I had such a blast making it! It really was quite simple, yet turned out so great - I couldn't have been happier with it.

(The carrot on the side was a fun little touch, I thought!)

And there you have it - another year of birthdays, another duo of cakes. Who knows what next year will bring...all I know is that it won't be no Justin Bieber cake (like the guy at the bowling alley for Malia's party said he sees a lot of these days...he really liked it that I had done my own home-made cake).

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andrea said...

awww...they are adorable!