Thursday, October 20, 2011


I haven't lost my blogging mojo - really, I haven't! In fact, I have a l-o-n-g list of things I want to post about. The problem is that I don't have enough time to!

And the reason for that? I've been majorly cutting down on my computer time. For reals this time, peeps!

I still turn it on first thing in the morning - just to check the weather forecast for the day and to make sure there aren't any messages waiting for me that need prompt responding to or ones that I have been waiting for a certain reply on. And I certainly use it off-and-on throughout the days where I am at home while the girls are in school - but even then I try to limit it more to things that need to be done rather than just silly time-wasters (although who am I kidding - I can still cut back on that!).

But the biggest thing that has changed is that I am not on the computer from the time my girls come home from school at 4pm until they go to bed around 8:30pm. And I mean the laptop is actually closed and shut down for that entire time (with very few exceptions).

And it's proved to be such a positive experience for all of us in this house. First and foremost, my children aren't seeing me constantly going back and forth to the computer. Since it's situated on my desk which is centrally located on the main floor - right smack dab in the middle of the kitchen, living room and dining room - and it was always open for convenience sake, I would always check it while walking by. Or anytime I'd see a red notification on Facebook, I just couldn't resist clicking on it to see who/what it was.

I may not have sat down for more than a minute or so per time - but if you do that 50 times over the course of just a couple of hours...

It was getting bad enough that I would sometimes - and this was very rare, but still - get up while in the middle of eating dinner to check what new thing had popped up on my screen (*hangs head in shame*). My kids were first-hand witnesses to my computer being the most important thing to me.

So sad.

But no more, I am proud to say! Things have changed and I don't want to go back. And not only because of what my girls no longer see me doing. But because of the things I can get done in its place! Oh, the things you can accomplish in 4.5 hours when you're not constantly distracted by the computer every few minutes.

I am making better meals for my kids, my kitchen is a lot tidier now on a regular basis, my whole house feels more in control. I have more time to help Joelle while she's having a problem with a new piano piece or spend more time reading books with Malia. I can play guitar and sing with my kids. We can play a game together. I can talk on the phone for 20 minutes without being tempted to see who just instant-messaged me on the screen.

And one more benefit - my kids are watching less TV. How does this connect? Before it was so much simpler for me just to shoo them downstairs to watch TV or play Wii because I was busy doing something on the computer. Now I have more time - and focus - to either do something together with them or suggest other things for them to do. It's easier to get them to do something screen-free if I'm not constantly staring at a screen.

It's about walking the walk.

And I'd even venture to say that their attitudes and behaviour have been improving over the last couple of weeks. Oh, I still have tantrums to deal with and fighting & bickering - that there will always be. Yet there seems to be a bit more respect coming from them...I think they sense that my priorities have shifted and they are finally getting more of me. The way they deserve.

So please be patient with me if my posts are fewer & farther between. If you'll continue to bear with me, you'll eventually get to read about the girls' summer trip to the dentist, get a yummy recipe to one of our family's favorite meals, discover my newest favorite thing, see pictures from my Trash the Dress photo-shoot (for those who haven't seen them on Facebook yet that is), and even read about some more personal nitty-gritty emotional things I've been working on/through.

No, I haven't lost my blogging mojo. I've gained something even better though.


LaughingLady said...

Haha, this could totally be MY post!! I'm always amazed how much I can get done, too, in a fairly short amount of time WITHOUT the computer to distract me. Man, it feels like such a pathetic problem, but it really does feel like we're winning a huge battle, doesn't it??! It's good knowing I've got good company.

Kathy and Carl said...

Good for you! Certainly a good idea to have the computer off from after school to bed time. *I shall follow your good example* Because seriously, what's more important that spending time with your kids?

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you Andrea! What a positive change you've made for you and your family! Keep it up! Love ya!

pam said...

Good for you.

I need to work at minimizing the number of "drive-by" computer checks I do (we have the laptop on our kitchen counter, so it's easy to just do a quick check on my way into the kitchen, or while setting the table, etc). The other day Annika was singing "the wheels on the bus" and she likes to make up her own verses. We made up one a while ago that was "the daddies on the bus check their phones", because Carey is always checking his phone. So the other day Annika started singing "the mommies on the bus check their computers." I had to laugh, but it made me realize how often she must see me at the computer.

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I found it helps to keep a list of blog post ideas. And to treat blogging like a business :)

The Brandt Family said...

That's great!
I've been trying to cut down on computer time as well.
It is so hard in this day & age when everything is so readily available.
Keep it up