Thursday, October 13, 2011

Q&A ~ Part I

Okay, so I am finally getting around to answering the questions that were asked of me in my 950th post blog give-away. Thanks for all of those who participated - they are all great questions!

The first batch of questions that I am answering have to do with moving.

Pam asked: Do you think you'll ever move back to the 'city?'

My answer in a nutshell - no. But I'll give you more than that. :)

I grew up living in the country. We lived on a 3 acre yard outside of a small town from before I started kindergarten until I finished Grade 9. After that we moved right on the edge of a different small town (about 10-15 minutes away); the town where I had always gone to school - and the town I currently live in. It was a 'smaller' yard, but still about 1 1/2 acres. My parents did eventually move to 'the city' (25 minutes away from said town) once we were all finished school and were out of the house, and I spent about 10 years experiencing city living myself at that point.

Sure, the conveniences of the city are great. But I can think of no better place to raise my children. I love it that I'm not in the middle of nowhere - I have neighbours! Yet my backyard view is of a farmer's field, so it still feels country-ish. It's a perfect combination. And I know crime can happen anywhere, but it does feel safer. And the sense of community is really quite astounding out here.

The next two questions directly tie together...

Samantha asked: Your list of things to do says you want to move. Would that be to a different house in town, or somewhere completely different?

Pamela asked: Why would you want to move? It always sounds like you live on the most amazing street with cute street lights and great neighbours and I was surprised to see moving on your 101 list.

As far as I'm concerned (and Les and I don't 100% agree on this), I have no plans to leave the town that we live in. I couldn't even imagine it. It's not perfect, but I do love it here. So to answer Samantha's question - it would just be to a different house here in town (And if you're wondering what Les' take is on this - he would prefer to move in the middle of nowhere on an acreage. But I still want *some* conveniences...and neighbors!).

And for Pamela's portion of the question...the only reason I would want to move out of this house - and off of my wonderful street - is because the house itself isn't really the way I want it. I want a bungalow (or a bi-level) and I want it to be more suited to our family. When we built this house with the developer, we didn't have a whole lot of freedom in the choices. My dream would be to custom-build a home that really suited us - especially including a bigger kitchen...and perhaps even main floor laundry!!! But even if we would one day find an already-built home that was more to my liking, that would work too. A bigger yard (at least slightly) is something we also have our sights set on - especially for when we eventually get a dog.

But we have no immediate plans for any of this and are just enjoying being surrounded by our wonderful neighbours, including lots of friends for my girls to play with!

Next up: Questions about my Monday-Friday single-parenting. Stay tuned!

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