Monday, November 21, 2011

celebrating a GRAND occasion

On May 10th, 2007, I started making my mark in the blogosphere with this here blog - which was called "Just As I Am" at that time. I fell in love with blogging immediately, and although I've had some droughts from time to time, I've been regularly blogging ever since that day. And...

In the past 4 years, 6 months and 11 days I have logged in 1000 posts!

So - how to celebrate this momentous occasion? Originally I was going to celebrate with a give-away...but I couldn't wait this long to do it, so I went ahead with it at Post #950 instead!

Rather, I am going to post 1000 things about me. Yup, you read that correctly. One thousand things about Andrea are coming at'cha in this one post. Ummm...okay that might be a little over-the-top. I'll drop a zero and make it 100 things about me (you can read my first "100 things about me" post that I did for my 100th blog post here).

1) My first name is Andrea
2) My middle name is Gaylene
3) My last name used to start with a D
4) Then it changed to an F
5) And now that I'm married it begins with a T
6) I have two older sisters and one younger brother
7) I have 7 nieces
8) And 3 nephews
9) I have 4 sisters-in-law
10) And 4 brothers-in-law

11) I once had a cat named Frisky
12) And one named Boots
13) And many other cats with many different names
14) But I hate cats (well, cats scare me is maybe more accurate)
15) My sisters once locked me in a grain bin
16) I fainted once while playing an outside game in the dark
17) I love the Twilight series
18) I cry in romance movies
19) I love shopping at thrift stores
20) But I also love shopping at the mall

21) Finding good deals makes me giddy
22) I played the clarinet in Jr. High and High school
23) I was actually pretty good - I made the Manitoba Jr. High Honour Band in grades 7-9
24) When I didn't make the Senior High Honour Band in Grade 10, I quit trying out
25) I started taking piano lessons when I was in Grade 2
26) I started teaching Joelle piano lessons when she was in Grade 2
27) And I plan on teaching Malia piano lessons when she begins Grade 2 next year
28) I started playing the guitar this summer
29) I love to sing
30) Music is a huge part of my life

31) I love a clean house, yet struggle to get it (and keep it) that way
32) I love to eat, yet I don't really enjoy cooking
33) But I love to bake
34) In June 2009 I started a major weight-loss journey that changed my life
35) In September 2010 I had lost 70 pounds and reached my goal
36) I have managed to keep the weight off - with the exception of 5 pounds
37) I went from a size 16 to a size 6
38) I battle with depression and have done so since the Fall of 2005
39) Cleaning bathrooms is one of my least favorite chores
40) Laundry is the other one

41) I love fresh-smelling laundry - especially my bedsheets
42) I got my ears pierced a few weeks before my 30th birthday
43) I don't really have a favorite colour
44) My hair is naturally a dirty blonde
45) But I prefer it dark - "Dark Spice" has been my colour off-and-on for the past few years
46) My favourite (current) TV show is "Parenthood"
47) I am often scared to voice my opinion if it is different from those I am around
48) I used to have the entire "Lion King" movie memorized. Word for word.
49) I think the ORIGINAL Super Mario Bros. video game is the best one
50) I haven't seen very many classic movies

51) I hate speaking in public
52) I was so excited to get my first dishwasher (just less than 6 years ago) that I had Les take a picture of me pushing the "start" button for the first time!
53) I love to dance
54) But I'm terrible at it - which is why you probably won't ever see me do it!
55) Once at a piano festival, I stopped playing my piece two bars in because I forgot what came next. I had to re-start and I was worried what my mark would be. I ended up getting 1st place - I guess the adjudicator must've figured I was just testing the piano or something..?
56) I used to have a piano duet partner named Shannon
57) I take really quick showers
58) I'm a picky eater and I don't like to try new things
59) I don't cook with onions
60) I hate being late

61) I can not draw for the life of me
62) When I was younger I was pigeon-toed
63) Les still sees a bit of that in me and has told me that he always found it cute
64) I'm the one who asked Les out 11 years ago
65) I'm also the one who said "I love you" first
66) But I left the proposing up to him. :)
67) My wedding dress didn't have a train or a veil
68) I used to wear contacts but now they make me feel insecure and vulnerable
69) I like to swim - but usually only in pools
70) My favorite type of food is Mexican

71) My favorite overall chips are Nacho Cheese Doritos
72) They're even better dipped in salsa
73) I don't like talking on the phone
74) Outside of my blog, I'm actually a pretty private person
75) I'm also quite shy
76) For someone who doesn't like roller coasters (and most other rides) I have been to a lot of amusement parks: Disney Land, Knottsberry Farm, Six Flags (Chicago) and ValleyFair.
77) I have owned/co-owned 6 vehicles: a Honda Civic, a Honda Accord, a Toyota Tercel, a Jeep Cherokee, a Ford F-150 and a Ford Windstar
78) My favorite one was the Honda Civic
79) I became a Mom when I was 24 years old
80) By the time I was 26 years old my family was complete

81) I love making birthday cakes for my girls
82) I'm often an impulse-buyer
83) I very seldom carry cash
84) I have never had credit card debt
85) Or a line of credit
86) I went to the same elementary school as my girls now go to
87) Joelle and I even had the same music teacher
88) I'm not much of a candy person, but every once in awhile I get a serious hankering for some Twizzlers
89) I. do. not. drink. milk.
90) Although I did force myself to drink chocolate milk somewhat regularly during both of my pregnancies

91) I don't drink pop unless it's Pepsi (or Coke will do in a pinch)
92) I don't use anything other than Bath & Body Works soaps in my house
93) I used to have cheese whiz on my toast every morning, then it switched to Nutella and now I'm on a raspberry jam kick
94) I can't keep plants alive for very long
95) I am not good at sports
96) The fastest I have ever ran 3 miles is in 29 minutes and 51 seconds
97) It's been months since I have ran that far
98) I love eating out at restaurants
99) I'm still a little bit obsessed with my scale but it's getting marginally better


100) When I was in Jr. High/High School, I was known as "The Squeaker." If someone would poke me in the side - or even pretend to - I'd jump and let out a little squeak. Some people took full advantage of this. :) Les just remembered this about me the other day and had some fun of his own with it!

So there you have it. One hundred things about me that maybe you knew and maybe you didn't.

In honour of this 1000th post milestone, I would love it if you could leave me a comment telling me something that you just learned about me from this post. AND...something that you already knew about me that didn't make this list.

And thanks for hanging with me for 1000 posts. There's plenty more to come, I promise you that!


jen said...

Awesome list! I actually knew most of them except the school stuff and family stuff. And I COMPLETELY agree, Mario Bros on the original system is the only'll have to come down and have a nerdy video game night, on the original :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love reading your blog!

Jenn said...

I did not know about your love for Twizzlers!
And I do know that moths freak you out!

Kathy and Carl said...

I love it! I remember about the milk thing, but I didn't know why you didn't wear contacts anymore.

Fav Restaurant? Boston Pizza still?
And what about Chicken Caesar Salad? Still a favourite too?

pam said...

I actually didn't know your middle name before this!