Wednesday, November 2, 2011

finding God through the fog

One morning last week I had to drive on the highway through some of the worst fog on my way to work. Let me start off describing it by saying that I am by no means a paranoid driver. I have driven in a lot of terrible conditions with icy roads and blowing snow - BUT this particular morning of quiet fog made me feel quite stressed and I lost my usual confidence.

The thick walls of fog were closing in on me. I felt trapped; I felt unsure. It was all very unsettling for me as I even debated about turning around and going home.

And then a vehicle passed beside me and went ahead and started leading me through the uncertainty and suddenly it was easier to keep going. My confidence in the situation grew (although my caution remained the same) as I followed this beacon of hope through my otherwise clouded view.

And I breathed a sigh of relief.

God is our leader through life's fog. The walls of life might be closing in on us; feelings of helplessness might be consuming us. Our vision might be clouded and we might feel so uncertain about the path ahead.

But He knows the path. And - unlike the car ahead of me who eventually got lost amidst the fog and left me on my own once again - He will never leave us or forsake us.

He is our constant beacon of hope; our refuge in times of trouble and uncertainty. He doesn't promise that the road will always be clear and sunny ~ but He does promise that He will always guide us through any and every circumstance.

And that's a promise that I will cling to each and every day, as I try to muddle my way through life's fog.


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Melissa said...

God is awesome! The same fog inspired a poem for me the other day.

LaughingLady said...

Great post! It's so tough to think of the Holy Spirit as that set of tailights leading us through the fog (or the snowstorm, depending on what season we're in!!) when we're actually IN it. Most of the time, my gut reaction is to do what makes most sense to ME ~ you know, like turning around and going home! But it's so true, we know Someone who knows exactly what's up ahead and all we really need to do is keep our eyes fixed on Him...

...and follow.