Friday, December 9, 2011

forgotten foto friday

Ah...Forgotten Foto Friday once again. Where we dig through our memory cards and hard drives to find pictures we liked or were significant but somehow got forgotten, and we finally share them with the world in a delightfully random post!

If you want to play along this week (and I suggest you do!) you can click on the button or click right here to bring you to the lovely hostess' site.

Malia last December in one of her oh-so-classic Malia ensembles!

Joelle digging in to her very first caramel covered apple two summers ago. Mmmm...

And a very familiar site every year at our place....wheeeee!!!

1 comment:

LaughingLady said...

That last shot is awesome! I suppose it should make me look forward to next summer, but mostly, it just makes me miss the last one!! :(