Monday, January 16, 2012

1000 gifts: #264 - 277

[264] moving on - ready or not - and trusting God to direct my path
[265] a 2+ hour conversation that gave me healing even through its tremendous pain
[266] a weekend without cooking
[267] turning 33 - the gift of another year is truly priceless
[268] spending my life with him

[269] and them...never a dull moment!

[270] new songs that lift me up and inspire me
[271] unexpected gifts straight from the heart
[272] words of appreciation that speak to my soul
[273] running on my new treadmill

[274] easing back into routine
[275] a grocery shopping trip that stocked my fridge & pantry once again
[276] the slow beginning of longer daylight hours
[277] the assurance that "this too shall pass"...even if only on the other side of heaven

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