Friday, January 20, 2012

i'm not laughing...okay, maybe i am

The other night while Les and I were saying good-night prayers with the girls, Malia prays:

"...and be with Daddy as he goes back to work and me and Joelle going back to school...and Mommy even though she doesn't do anything..."

Les and I both immediately jerked our heads up and looked at each other with surprise and smirks on our faces.

Malia had her eyes open and saw our reaction and quickly tried to shovel herself out of her hole by continuing her prayer:

"...I mean, Mommy does lots of things, I was just joking."

Nice save, Malia. Nice save.


pam said...


Jenn said...

That is awesome!

andrea said...

precious kiddo! totaly made me laugh...if she only knew the balancing act you do! :)

Kathy and Carl said...

Oh kids, eh?!

Gin said...

Too funny!

Margo said...

Just catching up on reading some blogs. Love this one!! :)