Wednesday, February 1, 2012

HOO's got talent

My girls are really into Fuze Art these days (the only reason my iron ever comes out of hibernation!). Sometimes they just make patterns - or a mish-mash of colors with no rhyme or reason (usually Malia's specialty) - but last week Joelle made one that I thought was really quite incredible.

She came up with this owl using her own picture that was in her mind and brought it to life:

I was disappointed at first about what she did with the top sides and I wondered what it was supposed to be. I didn't understand why she would wreck her creation with an unbalanced pattern. Until she told me what it represented and then it very quickly became my favorite part of the project.

Ready for this? The yellow beads on the right hand side represent the moon and the blue beads interspersed with the yellow on the left hand side represents the starry night.

Yup, pure genius! I love watching her creativity and imagination.

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