Tuesday, February 28, 2012

more on #285

In my last week's post of 1000 gifts, I said there was more to come on #285: an act of bravery. So here's the scoop!

Last weekend was monumental in our household, as Joelle got her ears pierced! If you remember back when Malia got hers done almost a year and a half ago, Joelle couldn't make herself go through with the act. And we certainly were not going to force her to.

We've known all along that she's struggled back-and-forth with it - at times insisting that she would NEVER get them pierced, yet knowing she was slightly jealous of her sister's ear decorations - but I was totally take off guard when last week Saturday she came up to me, out of the blue, and said: "Mom, I want to get my ears pierced today!"

It just so happened we were heading to the mall later that day anyway - although I would've made a special trip in just for that! - so it was perfect timing! Unfortunately we couldn't get an appointment until 4:00 where there would be 2 people available to do it, so it was a bit of a long day as we waited for the hours to slowly tick by.

Finally the hour arrived and it was go-time! Here is a picture of Joelle in the waiting area of the salon, nervously clutching her stuffed monkey.

I went first to show her it was no big deal. I had been wanting to get my 2nd holes done for awhile now so this was the perfect opportunity. But even though I didn't even flinch for mine (even though the 2nd holes hurt quite a bit more than I remember the first holes hurting), I could tell she was getting more nervous as she saw what was actually going to happen to her.

She had a couple of moments of uncertainty, but I had been telling her all day that we weren't going to spend 20 minutes deciding back-and-forth like we did the last time we made this attempt. It was perfectly fine if she wanted to change her mind, but then we were just going to walk out of the salon and not keep going back-and-forth. So when I gave her that reminder as she hummed and hawed for a moment, she quickly said "Okay, I want to try it."

She got in the chair and whimpered a bit and I could tell she was really scared yet she really wanted to do this. I held both of her hands and just kept telling her she was brave and it was all going to be okay. When the ladies aimed the little guns at her ears, Joelle said "No Mommy, no Mommy, no Mommy..." but it was different than the last time when she had the tremendous look of panic in her eyes. This time I knew she was just saying it out of nervousness but she still wanted to go through with it. So I just said "You'll be okay Joelle" and gave the girls the nod to go ahead.


Voila - two beautifully pierced ears! The crying started immediately upon the click but didn't last for very long once she realized that she had actually gone through with it! Here's a picture of Mother & Daughter with their new ear holes (Joelle still looks like she's in shock over what just happened).

And here is my beautiful 8-year-old, oh-so-proud of her new ear decorations.

This child of mine is getting braver and braver. I'm so proud of her for taking the plunge and not letting her fear stand in the way of something she really wanted.


andrea said...

that's so sweet! what a brave girl you've got. she made be methodical and pensive, but she'll do it in her time...that's a great trait!

Kathy and Carl said...

That's just awesome...way to go Joelle!

TammyIsBlessed said...


And I bet now she's sure glad she did it :)

So, they had 2 girls each shoot at the same time? Good thinking!