Thursday, March 15, 2012

1000 gifts: #303- 318 (hope SPRINGS anew)

There is seriously nothing better than watching spring unfold right before your very eyes. I love every little thing about are just a few:

[303] being able to drive with the windows open

[304] being able to have the windows open in your house - that beautiful fresh breeze is just so amazing

[305] puddles to play in

[306] fun colored rubber boots

[307] spring shopping including 3 new pairs of flats (one casual, one dressy neutral and one a splash of color!)...

[308] ...a bathing suit for the new season...

[309] ...and a new pair of skinny jeans to wear with the new flats mentioned above

[310] ...and we can't forget the new pairs of runners (I ended up getting them BOTH for $150 when regularly they would've cost me $280) because outside running season is now upon us!!

[311] wearing vests instead of bulky winter jackets

[312] the longer daylight hours

[313] playing at the park again!

[314] the change in the air

[315] things coming out of hibernation - bikes, scooters, skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk...

[316] the extra motivation this kind of weather brings

[317] feeling happier and more hopeful

[318] the promise of summer right around the corner

I don't care how dirty my front entrance gets from the mucky boots. I don't care how full my closet is from having the new spring stuff out together with some of the winter stuff (just in case).

All I care about is that the seasons are changing and hope SPRINGS anew once again!


pam said...

Love the flats and the bathing suit! Hurray for spring!!

Kathy and Carl said...
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Kathy and Carl said...

*some serious spelling mistakes!*

Anyways, what I wanted to say is that I'm super pumped about Spring too! Oh, to not have to bundle up from head to toe, yipee!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Nice swimsuit!!

I'm really happy that it's spring outside now - but I'm even more happy for YOU that it's spring outside now. :)