Thursday, March 29, 2012

tricky business

A few weeks ago my girls did something silly that made me giggle. I was out running a quick errand, and while I left them in the van (yes, in our small town leaving children unattended in the vehicle for a brief moment or two is actually the norm - especially when it's cold outside) they decided to play a little trick on dear ol' Mom.

Now, my girls are looking more and more alike the older they get. In fact, sometimes I have to look closely when I look at pictures of them because it's not always immediately clear who the picture is of.

They used this to their advantage for their silly little scheme. When I got back to the van and turned around to talk to them, I literally did a double-take - perhaps even a triple-take.

They decided to switch seats AND all of their outer wear. So Joelle was sitting in Malia's booster seat wearing Malia's winter coat and mitts. And Malia was sitting in Joelle's seat wearing Joelle's winter coat, mitts and toque.

The only way that I even noticed something was amiss when I returned to the vehicle was that "Malia" was sitting taller in her booster seat than normal.

I loved that they used creative thinking to pull a fast one on me. And I really loved how long the three of us laughed about it.

And I especially loved that they had worked together to do something fun and that I could come back to the vehicle to a fun situation - and not the usual fighting and bickering that often greets me upon any return.

Kudos, my dear children. Job well done. Looking forward to your next shinannigan!


LaughingLady said...

They really DO look amazingly alike in many pictures!! I've noticed that, too. Funny girls!!

pam said...

That's awesome. :)
You better watch out on April Fool's day, who knows what they've got planned for you!!