Tuesday, April 10, 2012

creative corner

I've posted before how I love Joelle's creative streak. When she gets an idea in her mind she can go all out to make it come to life. Her latest? A camera with accessories.

Here is a picture of the set-up she has taped to the desk in her bedroom. At the bottom of the picture on the right is a camera cleaner and on the left is developed film - so far she just has a sunset picture 'developed.'

And I need to show you close-ups of the actual camera itself because it's just too cool! Here is the front view:

And the back. Notice the buttons drawn on. Oh - and the little white box underneath the buttons is where the batteries are. And yes, she even made little batteries to keep inside. She's all about the details!

I can't say enough how much I love her creativity and imagination. And I can't wait to see what creation she comes up with next!

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Rose said...

I love it. Creativity is a wonderful gift!