Friday, April 27, 2012

personal protest

Joelle desperately wants bangs. I don't know what has prompted this very strong desire over the last several weeks, but something has spurred it on and it's not going away anytime soon!

I hesitate to allow this request for a couple of reasons. First of all - when she had bangs as a toddler, with the natural curl in her hair they would flip up at spots. As a two-year-old it can still be considered a cute feature. But as a soon-to-be 9-year-old...I'm not sure she would be very pleased if this were to happen again. She insists that it won't happen since her hair is a lot straighter than it used to be as a young child. She's right, but you still never know - until it's too late!

And the second reason is IF we do decide to risk the flip-up issue, there's also the issue of how long it takes to grow bangs out should she decide she's finished with the new phase. She has made the mistake twice before of chopping off her hair into a short 'do and both times she has regretted it shortly after. Growing out your hair is a very long process and especially if there are issues with how it looks with unwanted would seem to take even longer.

But she's stubborn - just like her Mom - and when she wants something, she wants it, regardless of the "what ifs."

While her dad and I are debating the issue (I'm ready to just let her go for it and live with the consequences if it turns out not-so-great - and who knows? it could end up looking really good - but Les is digging in his heels so far) she's staging a personal protest. She's leaving her long bangs out of every braid and ponytail she does each morning, having them hanging in her face. She is determined to do this for as long as it takes until she gets what she wants!

I guess I have to give her props for sticking up for what she wants.  :)  This kind of stubborn attitude could serve her very well in her teen years...right??


pam said...

Well, at least she didn't get out the scissors and just go at it herself! ;)

Maybe you could convince her to wait until fall, as she may not want a 'high maintenance' hairdo for summer? I'm sort of dreading the summer with my bangs, because they take a bit of styling and hairspray to make them behave (I have some crazy cowlicks that create my own "flippies") and I'm not sure how I'm going to handle being at the lake or the beach, etc. I see hats, bandanas and headbands in my future. :P

Jenn said...

I was wondering about the new do. :)

Kathy and Carl said...

The scissors would have been *gasp*!
I had a similar experience with Kezia wanting bangs like her poker straight hair friend. Finally, I succumbed and took her to the hairdresser in July where she decided she'd want to take it ALL off. AHHHH!!!! But she wanted to donate it and so I let her do it....and guess what? It looked great and my fears vanished.