Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q&A - Part IV

Well, I promised that my next installment of Q&A wouldn't take 3 months this time...and I'm just managing to keep that promise by a mere week. :)

I also promised that this time it would be about things on a lighter note. So here is the next batch of questions:

Kathy asked: Have you ever been stranded with a broken down car? (She also asked another question, but that one I'll save for another time)

Oh boy, have I ever! It seems that whenever we have vehicle issues, I'M the one who's driving it. Let's see...the first time was when I was driving my cute little Honda Civic. I was driving down my street (when I still lived at home) and suddenly things felt really weird and I couldn't really drive anymore. I got out of the car to see what the problem was only to realize that one of my front wheels had totally twisted around. So bizarre. Luckily I was only about a minute walking distance down the street at this point, so I wasn't really 'stranded' but it still fits into this category!

The next experience that I had was with Les' Jeep. I was driving Joelle to one of her very first doctor's appointments as a wee babe. I was about 5 minutes from home (and about 10 minutes away from the doctor's office) when things were feeling wonky. I don't remember exactly the order of how things happened, but I ended up on the side of the road with one of tired of the Jeep bouncing down the street behind me!! For serious!! Luckily my Mom came to my rescue and picked us up to take us to the appointment and back to her place until Les was finished work.

Another episode with the Jeep (although I wasn't stranded this time) was that one day while driving through the city with Joelle, the brakes just suddenly stopped working! Do you know how scary of a feeling that is when you're trying to stop at a red light...but you can't?!? Pretty scary!!

My next story is with our van. It was a freezing cold day in the middle of winter and I was headed from our small town to the Big City with both girls in tow. As I was yielding from one street onto another and tried to increase my speed again...I couldn't. The gas pedal was not allowing me to drive any faster. No matter how hard I pushed the pedal, I got nothin'. Mom to the rescue once again! Luckily the van was still running, so I could keep me and my girls toasty warm on a terribly frigid day!

I think that's it for stranded stories. But while we're on the topic - have I ever told you about the time when the hood of my car got stolen? Yup, true story! I had just moved to the Big City to live on my own (with 3 roommates). And I had just bought my Honda Civic off of my parents. I think this was maybe my 2nd or 3rd night in my new place. I walked out of the apartment building in the morning - in my usual tired morning stupor - got in my car, looked behind me to back out of my parking spot. When I turned around to face the front again to drive forward, I stopped and did a double-take. The hood of my car was gone. M.i.s.s.i.n.g. Now, let me remind you that I mentioned I was in my usual tired morning stupor, which is why I didn't notice it when I first got in the car. :) Anyway, turns out that hoods and trunks of 1989 Civics (i.e. MY CAR) were being stolen all over the city. After that, I named my car "Robin Hood." Ha ha, get it? ROBin HOOD?? Yeah, pretty brilliant!

Krista asked: Is there one restaurant that you have been to that you would never go back to?

I love eating out at restaurants! Love it, love it, LOVE it! Most places I've been to have been pretty good, even if not my favorite. Let's see...I wasn't impressed with a local Mexican joint I went to a couple of years ago for a friend's birthday party (C&M's is the abbreviated name of said place). I don't think I would ever choose to go back there, but it's not like I would refuse either if that's where the party was. :)

I've also gotten food poisoning from Applebees TWICE which makes me hesitant to return there as well. I think I have gone back once or twice after the second 'episode' but that was years ago by now and I have no desire to ever go back.

Other than that I can't really think of any. I do tend to stick to my 'usual' places though. I don't very often try new restaurants. Give me my Boston Pizza, Olive Garden, Montana's any day of the week!!

Jenn asked: If you could spend the day with any movie star who would it be and what would you do?

I don't really have a favorite celebrity anymore. When I was a teenager, I was totally in love with Leonardo DiCaprio when he came onto the TV scene in the show Growing Pains. I still think he's a great actor, and I'll always look back on my crush with fond memories (hee hee), but he's not my favorite anymore. And even if he was - I don't think I'd choose to spend an entire day with a MALE movie star. It would be quite awkward if you ask me!

So I'm going with the female route on this one. I know the question said "movie star", but if I were to change it to just "celebrity" I think I'd go with Alison Sweeney. She's the host of Biggest Loser and I just love her. She's beautiful, stylish and seems really down-to-earth. And she also used to struggle with her weight to a certain extent. So if I were to spend the day with Miss Alison, I think we'd spend the day shopping! How fun would that be??

But if I stick to the actual question of "movie star" I would have to say Jennifer Aniston. And as for what we would do? Well, I think the answer would still be shopping. Call me boring if you must - but that's what I would want to do!

Leeann asked: I give you $100,000. How would you spend it? No cheating allowed and saving any of it.

Ha! There was probably no need to put the last sentence in there. :) I'm not a natural saver. If I'm giving a surplus of money for whatever reason (Christmas, birthday money, tax return...) it doesn't take me very long to spend it!

Hmm, but $100,000?? Well, as much as I love shopping I certainly don't need $100,000 worth of new clothes/shoes/purses (as shocked as you may be to read that from me!). I think I would take that money and put it together with the money we would then make from selling our house and use it to build my dream house. Not a fancy mansion or anything, just a house exactly the way I want it. With some new bedroom furniture and some new appliances.

But only after I take about $500 to go on a shopping spree. :)

See? Told you this one would be on a more lighter note! I still have 8 more questions left to answer, so what will I talk about next? What made me always want daughters, the career path I see my girls taking, my dream job and a "do-over"...stay tuned!


pam said...

I can't believe there's a Mexican restaurant that you don't like! ;)

Krista Nicole said...

And to further what Pam said. It's ironic that it's my question and C&M is one of my absolute favourites.

Kathy and Carl said...

Oh I laughed so hard about that hood story, I almost forgot! That was crazy, eh? As for stranded stories, oh wow! I never knew you had so many.