Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1000 gifts: #362 - 377

[362] folding a basket of laundry and having all socks end up with a partner
[363] a new direction
[364] soft curls cascading down my daughters' backs

[365] the beautiful storm clouds that passed over our house
[366] and the lack of fear from my normally scared oldest daughter

[367] God's protection through any storms - external or internal
[368] waking up to a tidy house
[369] and the burst of energy I suddenly had at 10:30 the night before which made #368 a possibility
[370] Malia's silly antics of trying to blend into the Old Navy display

[371] my mom and everything she is to me
[372] the beautifully hand-crafted pumpkin seed brooch given to me by Joelle that I proudly wore to church on Sunday

[373] my Mother's Day feasts - including pancakes & sausage for breakfast, lunch out with friends at a fast-food joint and one of my favorite foods, nachos and Pepsi for supper: P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N.

[374] sharing clothes with friends
[375] finding the perfect pair of new summer capris
[376] renewed motivation
[377] the views out my front and back doors


pam said...

So many wonderful things! Those curls are just gorgeous (I want you to show me how to do that sometime - I know you've told me how, but I need to see it!), and I love the brooch. :)

Jackie said...

LOL again! Sophie does the same thing at Old Navy! She also assigns all the characters to our family...I'm the blonde ponytail girl:)