Wednesday, May 2, 2012

growing pains

Well...I know I said I'd never do this again (you can find that statement in this post) but I suppose it's my prerogative to change my mind right?

I have decided to once again attempt the process of growing out my hair! And man, oh man, it is not an easy process. Now I know why I have tried and failed so many times before. But this time I am determined!!

It's not that I don't like myself with super short hair. In fact, quite the opposite. I love having an ultra-short cut. This picture is from last summer with my hair at its shortest. So why would I then try to grow it out if I love it short so much?
Well, the problem with my super short hairstyle that I love so much is that I only really love it when it's just that - super short. But even 2 weeks after a haircut it's already past the point of where I want it. And it's just not feasible to go get my hair cut every 2 weeks to keep it the way I like it.

The other problem of having short hair is, of course, the fact that you can't ever put it up in any sort of ponytail. If there's a morning where I don't have time to shower first thing in the morning and I need to head out for a few minutes before I will get said showering opportunity - what do I do with my bed-head? A hat will do in a pinch, but hats don't look that great when you have short hair. You just look like a head with a hat. Or when I'm camping (those rare times in summer). What on earth do I do with my hair all weekend when it's short and showering and blow-drying aren't options? Especially when it's really hot outside and the thought of wearing a hat is terribly unappealing? It's a pickle, I tell ya!

Or even if I'm having a bad hair day. With short hair, a bad hair day is a bad hair day - no way around it. But with longer hair, if you're having a bag hair day you can just whip it back in a braid or pony-tail and hide all evidence.

The last time I had long-ish hair was about 6 years ago. Here is one of the only pictures I could find with my hair at that length. I think this was the spring of 2007. A year and a half before this, when I welcomed Malia into this world, I had ultra-short hair. So that's how long it took to get it to this length.

 And here is how things are right now (well, this picture was taken exactly a month ago). This is 6 months after my last hair cut. Well, I did get my 'mullet' fixed up in the back a couple of months ago. But the front hasn't been touched since the end of August. It's still considered a short 'do of course - but I'm well on my way!
I'm worried about how the summer will go while I'm at this stage though. It's still not quite long enough to really put back into any ponytail (well, I can do the teeniest-tiniest pigtails with the front part of my hair but let's be honest - it's not a good look quite yet!) and I know it will be blowing in my face far too much when I'm outside on beach days or just playing with the kids in the yard.

I do have some headbands I can wear to keep the hair out of my face, but that actually brings me to yet another problem. I don't like how I look with my hair all pulled back off of my face. I like having something frame my face. Maybe it's my forehead, I don't know...but I just don't think it's a good look for me.

So now Joelle isn't the only one in the family considering bangs. I am debating that as well. That way I can pin back the sides of my hair to keep it from blowing in my face, yet still have bangs to make me like the look better. This probably is the best point in the growing-out process to get bangs since right now they're not overly long. If I wait till my hair is all grown out to decide, it will be that much more painful to cut the bangs.

So there is still some work (and a lot of waiting) to do until I get my hair the way I want it. But as much as I am wondering how things will go over summer, I do think I am past the worst of the awkward in-between stage. 

Next up is dying it back to blonde for the summer!

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pam said...

I have to admit, I love your hair when it's super-short too. But I understand wanting to grow it out, and I understand wanting bangs. Even though my bangs are a pain sometimes (and I'm guessing they will be an even bigger pain in summer), I've never regretted them. One of the reasons is exactly like you said - to have something by my face when all the rest of my hair is pulled back. I say go for it! If you decide you really don't like them, you can grow them out with the rest of your hair, as they wouldn't be that much different in length just yet.

A word of warning though - unless you're prepared to trim them yourself, you'll be needing to get them cut about every 4-5 weeks. I go about 5 weeks between trims and it's almost too long. Most places will trim them pretty cheap (my stylist charges $5 for just a bang trim), but it's still a bit of a hassle.