Friday, May 25, 2012

the hair chronicles

Last week the time finally came. Joelle got her wish of getting bangs after much protest. And of course what the big sister does, the little sister wants to do too! Here they are sitting in the hairdresser chairs...there's no going back now!

I have to admit, the bangs look really cute on them, although they will never look as good as they did when they first got cut. I am not good at styling hair, and especially with my cheap Wal-M*rt hair straightener....well let's just say it's good we have pictures from the first day.  :)  It's not like I would have the time, energy or desire to straighten their hair every day - but even if I did it after their shower nights so it would be somewhat straight at least until the next time they washed their hair. 

But it is what it is. Here are the front and back before & after shots of my beauties. Their before shots are messy and unruly because we had the appointments right after school so I just had them quickly whip out their ponytails for a quick picture before rushing out the door. Malia also got quite a bit of length taken off of her hair. The ends (about 3" worth!) were looking pretty nasty.

 Then just this week it was my turn for getting bangs. As you know from a post I did a few weeks ago, I am currently growing my hair out but I don't like the look of having all of my hair pulled off of my face (I'm thinking ahead to summer where I will be able to at least put in teeny-tiny ponytails when camping or just being outside when it's windy to keep the hair out of my face). So here are my own before & after pictures.

The first picture is how my hair was at the beginning of this week, the middle picture is taken right after my appointment (again, it will never look like that again!) and the bottom picture is taken after I quickly gave myself a dye job to lighten the color up for summer. I'll need to do another dose of it yet to get it as blonde as I want it, since it's always a process going from darker to blonde.


LaughingLady said...

Just can't let the girls have all the fun, eh?? ;) You all look great ~ I can't believe how DIFFERENT the girls look!! (not that they didn't look great before, but you know what I mean!! They just look like different kids!)

The Brandt Family said...

Wow, the girls look SO different with bangs!
It's funny because Ashley had bangs and no longer wants them so she is growing them out. It is taking FOREVER!!

pam said...

Yay for bangs! You all look great. :) So far no regrets?

TammyIsBlessed said...

It's amazing how much difference bangs/no bangs can have on our appearance - wow! Beautiful both before and after :)