Saturday, May 5, 2012

it's taco time: double-decker style

Most of you know that I love Mexican food! I grew up eating a lot of it, and in turn I feed it to my family quite often. Les sometimes wishes I didn't make it *quite* so often, but the girls certainly never complain!

One of the simplest Mexican meals to make - my "go-to" meal - is tacos. I don't make them the way my Mom does, even though that's our preferred way (she does it by frying corn tortillas...mmmm) and serves them with fried rice and beans, but it's still a hit around here when I don't have the time - or the inspiration - for much else.

The other day, however, I made them different than I ever have before, using Taco B&ll as inspiration. Lately that's been the girls' favorite fast food joint and our favorite item on the menu is their Double Decker Tacos! They're so delicious and more filling than your regular taco.

Here's how to make them:

1. Fry up your ground beef and add taco seasoning
2. Bake hard shell tortillas (pre-bought) for 3-5 minutes at 350*F

3. Prepare the rest of the toppings: shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, chopped up tomatoes
4. Heat up some re-fried beans and soft flour tortillas

5. Spread the re-fried beans on top of your soft shell flour tortilla (also pre-bought)
6. Fill your hard shell tortilla with the beef, cheese, lettuce & tomatoes

7. Place the hard shell in the center of the soft shell and fold up the edges 

8. And E-N-J-O-Y

 My meal may not look quite as picture-perfect as the ones on Taco B&ll's menu...

...and it didn't taste exactly the same either (we obviously use different beans and taco seasoning than the restaurant does) but it still got rave reviews! I even melted some cheese whiz so we could have the nacho cheese & dip like at the restaurant too (don't mind the messiness of the cheese bowl - it was soccer night so we were rushed enough as it is, I couldn't be bothered to clean up the cheese bowl for the picture!).

With our cracked cans of cold Pepsi on the side, it really felt like we were eating out at one of our favorite fast food places! A delicious meal that takes 20 minutes to prepare from start to finish. You can't go wrong!

ps: One of the bonuses of these double decker tacos is that the soft shell tortilla keeps everything in place if/when the hard shell cracks!


LaughingLady said...

You know, even with all the Mexican food we eat around here, I have never made tacos with the hard shells!

My mom used to serve them every now and again, but we all found them a little frustrating. They always ended up as taco "salad" and eaten with forks anyway, so my mom just started making taco salad instead and that's kinda what I've stuck with, too. The soft & hard-shell combo would certainly remedy that though! Might have to give that a try for something different.

Kathy and Carl said...

I'd make those just for the fact that it's a fool proof way to keep the stuff in the taco!

andrea said...


Jenn said...

My mouth is watering! I'm making these for supper tonight!

TammyIsBlessed said...

hmmm, might have to try that!