Friday, May 4, 2012

ready or not

Last weekend we made a very big switch at our house. The girls now share a bedroom!

We've been throwing the idea around for awhile now but just weren't quite sure about it. The way it suddenly happened last Sunday was that Joelle just started moving her stuff into Malia's room. It was all a big ker-schmozzle so we decided to just buck up and do it properly.

One of the problems with Joelle's old room is that when it's windy (which is very often around here), the way the wind blows it just made things really loud in her room. She used to come into our room in the middle of the night complaining that the wind was so loud. I'd tell her it wasn't that bad and I'd go back to her room with her to tuck her back in. Once I got to her room, however, I'd discover that she really wasn't over-reacting. It was definitely a lot louder in her room. Enough that it really was almost impossible to sleep, so on those really loud windy nights she would end up sleeping on the floor beside my bed.

We tried having the girls switch rooms one night just to see how that went. But it happened to be on a somewhat windy night as well, and especially with us always talking about it, Malia made a big deal about it. She can sleep through the worst of thunderstorms, so it likely wouldn't have been a big deal if we would've stuck with it but she really wanted her old room back pretty quickly.

So last Sunday, instead of having a lazy afternoon like we had anticipated, we ended up doing a lot of hard work making the switcheroo take place. Here is a shot of the girls in their new shared room! Joelle is especially happy about this switch because her current favorite color is green.  :)

With the drawers in their Captain's beds, this shared dresser, and a closet FULL of their shirts we managed to fit all of their clothes in their one room. Not an easy task, given that their mom may have a slight problem with buying TOO MANY CLOTHES!!

As for Joelle's old room? It is now their playroom. They each have a desk in this room as well, along with all of their toys and books. It's still a bit of a mess (we need to go through a lot of things and purge and organize yet) but everything is nicely outlining the perimeter of the room giving them a nice big floor space in the middle to do their playing!

Joelle's old closet is used for more toy storage (seems that clothes aren't the only thing they have an over-abundance of!).

And here are just a couple more pictures from different angles of the room. My plan yet is to force them to de-clutter their desktops so that they can actually USE their desks for things like coloring, drawing and homework. But that will all come in time.

I have to admit, I am a bit worried about them sharing their spaces so closely now. These two sisters fight like cats and dogs at every opportunity. Seriously, there is not a single time - morning and before bed - when the girls are in the bathroom brushing their teeth and getting into PJ's that they do not end up fighting. Nevermind all of the hours in between those teeth-brushing times. It's always something. "She did this" and "She did that" are very common complaints in this household. So it's always been nice to at least separate them into their own rooms to give them their own space.

So how has it been going? Well, I have to say it has been going very well these first few nights. The daily fighting still happens of course, and sometimes there have been complaints about one of them being too loud or wanting to read longer than the other one when it's bedtime. I know it will take a bit of adjusting, but I am impressed with how successful it has been. In fact, Joelle has actually slept a lot better since rooming with her little sister. She would be up almost every night till after 10:00 with complaints of not being able to sleep, or worried about this or that, etc. But since sharing a room with her sister, she's been much more relaxed at night and sleeps a lot better.

My hope is that with this new shared space, these girls will learn to be more patient with each other and hopefully eventually decrease the amount of fighting that they do.That perhaps there will come a day when I send them upstairs to get ready for bed and instead of hearing foot-stomping, yelling and whines I will hear giggles and peacefulness.


LaughingLady said...

Oh yeah, it won't be long before you'll wish they had seperate rooms again because they're TALKING too late every night! :)

The rooms look great!

Jenn said...

That's so nice that Joelle seems to be sleeping better!

Jackie said...

That's sweet that they want to be together! Rooms look great! And where do you get those nets for storing stuffies up high?? My girls need those too!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Our girls love sharing rooms (or at least, sleeping together!)

I think it`s a great idea that you switched them, and am not surprised at all (but very thankful!) that Joelle is sleeping better :)