Thursday, May 24, 2012

red, white and blue green

As most of you know, I struggle with the color of my thumb. Some years it's not-so-green, and other years I have surprised myself! When I plant my flowerbed each spring, I never really know what to expect.

I did do something a little bit different than usual this year though. See, not only do I not have a very reliable green thumb but I also have a hard time planning the scope of my garden. There's so much to consider when picking plants: Annuals vs. Perennials, what kind of sun/shade each plant needs, if they're going to spread or not, the different heights they're going to be, etc. Plus, last year I had to deal with my tulips for the first time. Now, by this I mean that it was difficult to plant around them. They bloomed really nicely in spring and I loved having the burst of color to brighten up the front of the house after the dreary winter. But the problem is that they don't quite run their course by the time the rest of my flowerbed is ready to be planted. It was frustrating to have them over-crowd my summertime flowers and I just felt like they were in the way.

Anyway, so this year I decided to keep things as simple as possible. I went with one kind of flower - impatiens - in two different colors; red and white. I didn't have to take into consideration any height issues or anything. I just alternated them and they can have at 'er and do whatever they like. I planted them in and amongst the tulips (which don't seem to be doing much this year) and I still struggle with how their timelines overlap with each other but not much I can do about that.

I'm pretty pleased with how things look right now. I even did 100% of the planting this year! I'm looking forward to them expanding and spreading over the entire flowerbed (hopefully). I might even take care of some of the weeding myself this year...maybe!

I also got a hanging basket (different type of flower but same color scheme) to sit on my front porch just to add a bit more color to the otherwise drab looking steps. I have a few small sections along the side of the house too which each have a Hosta in the center and are now also surrounded by the red and white impatiens.
So we shall see what this year will bring. Of course I'm hoping for some great success but time will tell...

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Anonymous said...

Good for you!
I come from a line of green thumbs, heck, their whole hands are green! Sadly, it has skipped me! Maybe it come as I get older?!?!?
Best of luck!