Thursday, May 31, 2012

table for 4

In my latest 100 Gifts post, I mentioned some exciting news that I was going to be revealing shortly (#389). Well, wait no longer my friends - the day of unveiling has arrived!

With no attempts to drag it out, here's the bottom line: Les has a new job!!

Yes it's true. After 3 years and 9 months of his job of long hours and many, many, many weeks of working is all coming to an end. After almost four years of him spending very minimal time with his family - aside from weekends - we will be a complete family again!

No more months on end of him leaving at 6am and coming home between 7-9pm. No more l-o-n-g stints of him being away Monday-Friday (for 6 months at a time!). No more 'Sunday Night Sob-Fests' for the girls as they mourn the fact that they will have to go yet one more week without seeing their Daddy. No more suppers as a family of 3.

No more lonely evenings for me as I sit by myself in front of the TV night after night. No more nights with an empty spot beside me in my bed. No more wondering what to cook for supper each night for just me and the girls (it's amazing the difference when you have a husband coming home to eat).
As excited as we are about this change, both Les and I know that it won't be an easy transition. All four of us in the house will have to make adjustments as we get used to our new way of life. We may have always had our weekends together (for the most part) but it's different. After Saturday morning sleep-ins, Sunday mornings at church, getting house/yard work done, spending time with friends and extended family...there still wasn't a whole lot of time left for just our little family.

The girls will have to re-adjust to the fact that it's not just Mom calling the shots anymore. The routines we have developed over the last few years will be altered with having Dad home every evening.

I will have to adjust to not having my free time every evening. Watching what I want on TV, or just having the TV *off* entirely when I'm tired of the noise. And I will have to adjust to not being the only one calling the shots anymore when it comes to the girls too. I won't be the sole disciplinarian during the week anymore nor the only one in charge of when they have to shut the TV off to go play or when it's time to go to bed or what they can or cannot have for a bedtime snack.

Les will have to adjust to...well, to being around us! He's had a lot of time just on his own - weather in one of his heavy machines or sitting in his hotel room. Now he will have to come home from work and be surrounded by his 3 favorite ladies - and while there may be a lot of perks to that, we're not fooling ourselves that it will come with challenges. He will need to get used to constantly dealing with two kids again - and how to jump into some of our already set routines and how to make changes to ones that won't work with him back in the picture.

We will also have to adjust with the change in pay. It is a bit of a pay cut - and with the shorter hours each day combined with that (he is going to be framing houses with a friend of his)...well, we will have to make some changes to our budget. Not to mention this job is weather-dependent, so there could be times where he is unable to go to work, thus unable to provide an income for a time. It will be stressful at least in the beginning as we figure it all out - but it will be well worth it to have our family back together again!

So yes, there will be challenges. It won't be a smooth road all of the time. But we will get used to all being together again - sooner rather than later, I hope!  And my dinner table can now be set as a table of 4 every evening. Talk about a dream come true!


pam said...

That's great news! I hope the transition goes well for all of you. :)

TammyIsBlessed said...

Yup, lots of adjustments and transitions, but so happy for you!!! :)

jen said...

That's awesome! So happy for you!Adjustments there will definitely be but you'll get into a routine in no time! My kids will have their dad home too full time for an undetermined amount of time at the end of this month so what you'll be going through, I'll be right there beside you!

Kathy and Carl said...

That's awesome to hear! Will be praying for you as you make the changes but overall it'll be such a blessing for the FOUR of you.