Monday, June 4, 2012

1000 gifts: #400 - 413

[400] a string of beautifully sunny days
[401] front porch visits
[402] workers comp and how it will help cover Les' time off work after he injured himself on his first day on his new job
[403] and that it wasn't worse than what it was
[404] introducing ourselves to neighbours we had never spoken to before
[405] a family game of baseball in the front yard
[406] a mother/daughter date with my girls
[407] 5 pounds gone
[408] that the last few days have been a lot better than this
[409] getting my hands on a new recipe that is not only super simple to make, but amazingly delicious!
[410] fresh, clean-smelling clothes
[411] air conditioning
[412] time spent with sisters-in-law and nieces
[413] fun colored flip-flops

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