Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1000 gifts: #414 - 431

[414] a new recipe to add a bit of zip to an otherwise boring vegetable (glazed with vegatable oil, lemon juice, pepper and grilled on the BBQ)

[415] family suppers
[416] impromptu visits to the playground - and bumping into friends while there
[417] new ways to do my (slowly) growing hair

 [418] adorable new summer outfits that I got on a great sale

[419] trying - and succeeding - to be more sociable
[420] cousins who love to spend time together

[421] Joelle getting the courage to go on the Pirate Ship ride at our local fair this past weekend. (Click on the picture to see it closer up - Joelle is on the far left right next to the yellow bar and Les and Malia are next to her.)

[422] and the pride and excitement all over her face when it was all said and done! (Her tummy felt a bit queasy for awhile - but she did it! Which is more than can be said for dear ol' Mom...)

[423]  a beautiful evening taking in the fair fireworks

[424] living in a small town with such amazing community spirit
[425] working hard to accomplish goals
[426] planting flowers with my hubby, trying to beat the rain but getting caught in it
[427] imagination at play

[428] medication to give quick healing to my Little Miss Malia and her strep throat
[429] fresh blueberry muffins

[430] rolling thunder in the distance
[431] that God is always looking out for us and providing for us


LaughingLady said...

Great list ~ so many things to be thankful for! (Glad to hear the weather didn't ruin your fair weekend, too!!)

strat said...

All of them sounds beautiful to me. Thanks for the ideas.

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