Friday, July 20, 2012

1000 gifts: #463 - 469

With two tenting weekends under my belt for the summer {back-to-back weekends at that!} I have plenty of things that I count as gifts even though the experiences as a whole are not my favorite. It's always nice to look back at pictures that I took and realize that in and amongst the negative things of camping, wonderful things are sprinkled in too! Here are a few of them:

[463] Delicious campfire meals that you don't ever make at home {these are deliciously scrumptious home-made Bacon & Eggers}

 [464] Cloud watching. Meet Nemo! {of course you can do this anywhere}

 [465] And you can never get enough of the glorious sunsets that ripple off the lake

[466] My two gems. They are gifts to me no matter where we are and can't really be excluded from any list. 

[467]  Campfires. I've mentioned before that this is my favorite part about camping.

 [468] Heart-shaped waffles complete with delectable white sauce and to-die-for strawberries

[468] And while we're on the topic of yummy fruits - these saskatoons were found on many bushes on both of our camping weekends.

 [469] Crazy Cousins


LaughingLady said...

Crazy indeed. I LIVE with them!! :)

Great list.

Kathy and Carl said...

We saw your parents this weekend and your mom told me about the camping weekends. Good for you!! And glad that there were many things you were thankful for.