Thursday, July 26, 2012

1000 gifts: #470 - 487

[470] a cool break from the scorching heat
[471] and the chance to wear my almost-forgotten capris again
[472] menu planning
[473] healing...even if it's slow in coming
[474] playing games outside

[475] outings to splash parks and playgrounds to keep the girls busy
[476] learning more about what makes my girls tick (more on this someday down the road)
[477] finishing a good book
[478] fresh raspberries from our sparse plants ~ enough to have with ice cream for dessert!
[479] finding a cardigan regularly priced at $39.99 on sale for $9.99...
[480] ...but that came up as $6.99 at the till!
[481] honeydue smiles from my honey

[482] an entire weekend at home
[483] and another one right around the corner
[484] trying new things
[485] a fan blowing cool air on me at night
[486] being called a "super hero" by my sweet 4-year-old nephew...twice!
[487] the promise of the sun that always shines, even if it's temporarily being covered by the clouds

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