Monday, July 16, 2012

from pinned to practice: #1

I have absolutely 100% fallen in love with Pinterest - and I know I'm not alone! The problem, however, was starting to be that I would pin and pin and pin...and pin all of these wonderful ideas, but then get totally overwhelmed and not actually put any of them into practice.

So, my goal is to try a minumum of one of my pinned ideas every week. It can be a new hairstyle for me or the girls, a craft idea, an organization technique, a recipe...anything. But I need to incorporate at least one pin into my week. It shouldn't be too hard since I've made it a point to not actually pin something that I'll never try. I try to keep my pins reasonable; ones that are actually within reach.

Last week is when I implemented this goal for the first time - and I have to say, it was a huge success! I made this deliciously scrumptious Crispy Cheddar Chicken {which you can find here} and it was a hit with everybody. It was simple to make and I had all ingredients on hand - other than the cream of chicken soup - and it was just a nice new spin on chicken.

And the coolest thing was that mine actually closely resembled the picture of what I pinned! I obviously don't have the greatest camera - and I obviously should've added more parsley flakes to the sauce - but all in all I was very impressed with myself.

As for this's only Monday and already I've put my minimum one pin into practice! But I'll share that one in next week's edition of "from pinned to practice" and hopefully have more than just one by the end of the week!

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pam said...

I've seen a few blog posts like this (people "reviewing" Pinterest ideas that they've actually done), and I've been thinking of doing one myself. I think it's a neat idea, because it encourages others to actually DO the things they're pinning, and it's good to know what works and what doesn't (some of those pins seem to be just too good to be true - and apparently they are). Maybe you should host a blog party (or whatever they call it), and have people link up with their own "pinned to practice" posts. :)