Monday, July 23, 2012

from pinned to practice: #2-5

This was a good "from pinned to practice" week for me as I tried FOUR of my pins rather than just my minimum of one. Not every week will be like this but I'm excited for all of the new things I tried/did this week.

The first thing I did last week was make my own dry erase board to use as my weekly menu planner. I haven't menu-planned in many, many months ~ but somehow  now that I have this pretty board to use, it has become easier to do. I know the novelty of it will wear off, but for now it's pretty fun!

The best thing about this was that it was free using items I already had around the house! A picture frame, a piece of patterned wrapping paper {or you can use scrapbooking paper} and a dry erase marker that Joelle still had from her old school supplies.

It took 2 minutes to put together and now it proudly graces my kitchen counter!

This next picture boasts two of the new recipes that I tried this week. Easy Pulled Pork {gotta love using that slow cooker again!} and Microwave Potato Chips {which were anything but crispy chips like they were supposed to be, but they still tasted good as seasoned potatoes}.

I don't think I'd bother making the "chips" again, but the pulled pork was a hit with everybody. And so simple with three ingredients ~ pork, BBQ sauce and Pepsi. The recipe calls for Root Beer but...  ;)  Next time I might actually try Sprite instead though.
And last ~ but not least ~ is a craft that the girls did. They each made this adorable get well card. Well, except theirs didn't quite turn out this simple and beautiful.  :)

Here is a picture of their versions.  :)  Joelle even decided to glue on the bandaid wrappers. Oh well. It kept them entertained for awhile. And ~ I was even the lucky recipient of these made-with-love cards. I put my back out last week and have been hobbling around feeling pretty miserable. I was pretty touched that instead of saving these for a friend down the road, they chose to immediately give them to me. Thanks girls!

So there are my pins of the week! I hope I'm motivating some of you to try some of your own pins that are just waiting to be put into practice!


TammyIsBlessed said...

Cool dry erase idea!

I think this is a great idea. You might have to make a "button" so I can link up to your Pinned to Practice stuff!

Amanda said...

You have motivated me to try pins! Thanks:)