Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the hair chronicles continues

I am just so tickled pink with the progress of growing out my hair. I wish it would happen quicker, but I am finding things to do with it along the way that make me very excited!

Here is a twist on this look that I posted awhile back. The flower clips are in their place, but now ALL my hair is pinned up. This picture was taken after it was starting to come undone closer to the end of the day but you get the general idea.

But it's this next picture that really makes me...well, almost giddy. I had my sister-in-law do two french braids in it while camping this weekend. She was working with no comb or hair product or anything {no hairspray to hold it into place} so it's not a look that's really ready for public viewing...but the idea that my hair can actually be put into b.r.a.i.d.s?!?!?! I wasn't sure I would ever see this day again!

Now I just need to learn to french braid my own hair!

 Stay tuned to see what else I will come up with! I'm having so much fun experimenting. I'm like a kid in a candy story.  :)


pam said...

I really like the pinned up look! Very pretty. :)

Amanda said...

They both look good! The pinned up look looks pretty on you!