Sunday, July 29, 2012

i'm getting to be an ol' pro at this

Well, it was back to camp this afternoon as it was Joelle's turn to have another go at it. She has been so excited to go again, especially since her sister AND all of her cousins have been to camp and back already this summer. She has had to be very patient!

But finally the day arrived! She was very excited ~ and also quite anxious ~ most of the day yesterday and today leading up to our arrival at the camp. But once we were there, all of her worries seemed to have melted away just as I knew they would once she got back in that atmosphere.

Here she is all packed up at home, ready to head out the door!

And we got there early enough this time for her to claim a top bunk! She was pumped about that!! 

I don't have the best pictures since I decided to not bring along my actual camera today, but rather just use my iPhone. Bad decision. Oh well, it's enough to capture the moments anyway. Here I am with my sweet girl after getting her bunk all set up.

And the sisters ~ getting excited about taking a break from each other I think! Although I know it won't be too long before Malia gets lonely for her big sister while she's at home by herself for four whole days!!

Here's Joelle with her friend Faith, who also went with her last year. Another friend was joining them in their cabin as well, but she hadn't arrived by the time we left so we didn't get a picture with her.

I have to say, I was a lot more composed this time than I was with Joelle's first experience last year and Malia's first experience just last month. I wasn't anxious on the 45 minute drive there and I just felt totally calm. This was familiar to me now and I knew how well she did last year so she would be just fine.

I got almost teary when I hugged her good-bye, but nothing actually came to the surface. It sort of surprised me {and actually even made me feel guilty!}. But she just seemed so confident and that helps my Mama heart out a lot! Les asked me how I was doing on the drive back home, but again, I felt perfectly okay. I knew I would miss her oodles over the next several days, but it wasn't as heart-wrenching to leave her behind as it once was.

I'd like to say that's how it all ended. But it wasn't so.

My emotional issues started happening about 10 minutes after we arrived back home. I was in the living room when I noticed an envelope sitting on the coffee table. Oh no, I thought. Not the notes!

Yup, it was the notes. The colorful notes I had once again written to Joelle for every night and every morning of her camp experience. I had written her notes last year as well {as I did for Malia last month} and while Joelle didn't read nearly all of them, I think she felt secure just knowing they were there and she had wanted me to do it for again this year.

It broke my heart to find that they had been left behind. I had given them to her when we were cuddling on the couch before leaving and somehow they just never made it into her duffel bag. I was absolutely devastated and shed a few tears thinking that she might be looking for them tonight, needing to read a love note from Mom.

I did end up actually emailing the camp with the notes typed out asking if they would be able to print them to give to her. I'm not sure it will actually happen ~ but I did what I could do in the hopes that my daughter will be able to get her notes afterall. We'll see.

Things got worse about an hour later. I was already a bit nervous on the way home from camp as I heard on the radio that there was a severe thunderstorm watch out for tonight. But it got even worse when they also added a tornado watch to the mix! Les, Malia and I went for a walk to a nearby park for a bit after supper, and on our way home the wind very quickly picked up. And I mean big-time.

Les hoisted Malia over his shoulder and we ran as fast as we could around the bend to get in our house. It seriously felt like that crazy wind right before a tornado {and trust me, we have experience with that!}. As terrified as I was for us, I was a million times more terrified for my poor girl away at camp without her Mom or Dad around to comfort her.

I had to work really hard at holding back tears while Les was outside securing out trampoline {since it looked like it was ready to blow away} so that I wouldn't worry Malia. She didn't seem too scared of the weather and I didn't want to make things worse by crying about Joelle being alone in this. The camp isn't too far from us ~ about 45 minutes ~ and that area was under the same watches that we were.

Thankfully the storm didn't last too long and I could breathe a sigh of relief. I'm just hoping and praying that things weren't too bad over there so that she's too nervous to sleep tonight.

So there you have it. I may have felt like an old pro at drop-off time...but the events that transpired back at home brought on the emotions that I'm more used to for things like this.  :)

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Jenn said...

Aw, I would get emotional over the forgotten letters too. At least she knows you did write them...