Wednesday, July 25, 2012

then and now

The other day Les and the girls caught a caterpillar and as I was taking pictures of Malia holding it I was reminded of a similar pose from almost 4 years ago. I dug through my blog labels and found the original post and decided to show you a "then and now" collage of my sweet Little Miss and her fuzzy friends.

I love capturing these moments on camera.

ps: Some of you have been wondering about who had what beverage from this post last week. I threw some of you off by the {?} in the title {not intentionally}, making some of you wonder if they were, in fact, beverages consumed during breakfast. And yes they were. The {?} was more to imply that the Pepsi was a questionable breakfast beverage. 

Anyway...Les had the coffee, Malia had the chocolate milk. I had the orange juice ~ which leaves silly Joelle as the one who chose to have Pepsi for breakfast! This breakfast out was during our family's camping trip ~ the one that is traditionally a father/daughter weekend. The tradition includes that the girls can order whatever they want for that breakfast, and Mom wasn't allowed to have any say in it.  :)

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TammyIsBlessed said...

Ha ha, awesome! And I guessed right :) Awesome tradition btw