Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1000 gifts: #488 - 504

[488] finally discovering the macro setting on my camera {thanks Pam!} and improving the quality of my close-up pictures

[489] my two "go-to" friends who are always there to listen to me vent {you know who you are!}
[490] finding myself back at the piano for Sunday morning worship in felt like home
[491] discovering a forgotten $35 gift certificate to the mall in my wallet
[492] for safety during the latest storm

[493] being treated to lunch
[494] continued inspiration
[495] friends who make me laugh when I had forgotten how
[496] modern medicine to help make me feel better

[497] a good game of Scrabble with my Mom
[498] and winning the game was an extra bonus  :)
[499] a beautiful fresh new calendar for me to sink my teeth into for the upcoming new school year

 [500] AND...remember this pet peeve of mine? Well, I am peeved no more!!

[501] no phone calls from camp = Joelle is doing fine {or at least fine enough to not warrant a phone call home}
[502] a special one-on-one date with my Little Miss Malia {notice our matching outfits: beige skorts and flowered tops...and yes it was intentional}

[503] catching up on a PVR'd episode of Ellen ~ always good for a giggle or two...or a hundred!
[504] this truth:

1 comment:

LaughingLady said...

Haha, I love it that the car is facing the RIGHT way now! Word musta got around!!

Great list, again, and I love that quote at the end. So true.