Thursday, August 9, 2012

1000 gifts: #505 - 510

[505] fresh garden produce

[506] experiencing a life-long memory with my girls by going to see a production of "Annie" at a local outdoor theatre
[507] Malia's first sleep-over at a friend's house!

[508] a beautiful double rainbow after a storm

[509] the continued inspiration of menu-planning and the delicious meals I now make on a regular basis because of it

[510] the anticipation of my FAVORITE annual summer weekend away

**I know most of my posts lately have been these 1000 Gifts lists or my Pinned to Practice posts. It's not because I don't have anything else to write about...just trying to figure out how and if to actually share some things. Hopefully soon I'll start posting more "real" stuff again.**

1 comment:

Kathy and Carl said...

I hear you, but you sharing your gifts here is real so I'm not lacking!! I love fresh produce and my girls and I went to see Annie too...maybe we were there the same night?