Saturday, August 18, 2012

1000 gifts: #511 - 538

[511] the intricate beauty of God's handiwork all around us

[512] advice given by a caring friend
[513] a generous offer to help with supper dishes

[514] a week of VBS for the kiddos ~ and a new CD of wonderful songs to add to our library
[515] a successful Grand Opening at Tiny TreeHugger
[516] and the way I was somehow able to set aside my anxiety over my lack of "people skills" while dealing with the steady flow of customers to the best of my ability

[517] that my van waited to fall apart until the morning after coming home from The City at 11:00 at night
[518] having a sister close by to help me out with borrowing her van and car pooling in the midst of said van issues
[519] the girls' renewed interest in their play kitchen this week {that was lovingly hand-crafted by my Dad a few years ago}

[520] delicious Sesame Street themed cupcakes at my nephew's 1st birthday party ~ made by my sister Tammy

[521] God's hand in the life of a 2 year old little boy who needed sudden brain surgery a week ago
[522] a live love note left on the counter for me to find

[523] the decision to let go
[524] new snack & sandwich bags, ready for school lunch use {and some for my purse too!}. Want some of your own? Find them here!

[525] the change in the air that allowed me to wear one of my 'new-to-me' fall cardigans this past week
[526] and have my windows open all day long instead of always blasting the A/C

[528] the rare opportunity to spend an evening out with my "little" brother and one of my sisters
[529] the incredulous sunsets that are a one-time viewing ONLY...never to be repeated again

[530] the courage to try something new for my Little Miss Malia

[531] the "feast" on the menu at the make-believe wedding that happened in our yard

[532] soaking up the sun, poolside last weekend
[533] cannon-ball'in cousins
[534] Joelle learning how to dive {and Malia too!}

[535] sitting by a crackling fire that consisted of more than just the usual flames

[536] being dubbed my nephew's "best friend" over and over again in the last week
[537] star gazing

[538] cuddle time with my youngest niece

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