Monday, August 13, 2012

from pinned to practice: #10 & 11

Well, I did manage to squeeze in two pins last week yet that I'd like to share with you. 

The first one didn't turn out very well. It's a bow idea for the girls' hair. I tried it a few times on Malia {Joelle had no interest in it after seeing the finished product in her sister...} and I'm just not getting the hang of it. Go here to see what it's supposed to look like; but alas, here is my flopped version:

 Thankfully my second pin of the week turned out much better! I made these Frozen Yogurt Dots and the girls loved them!

I don't know if I didn't freeze them quite long enough before letting them eat them or if they just naturally melt that quickly...but next time I'll let them freeze overnight to see if that makes any difference. Either way, they were a hit ~ AND the simplest things in the world to make. Just a fun spin on your regular ol' container of yogurt. And a good way to use it up and keep it frozen if it's getting close to being on its way out.

So...? Did YOU try any new pins this week? I already have my first one for this week under my belt...with one or two more set to come up the pipe too! Come on ~ give something you've pinned a try!


pam said...

I'm going to try that bow on Annika's hair (assuming she'll let me!). I'll let you know if my results are any more successful. And now I want to make yogurt dots too!

pam said...

I finally got around to writing my own "pinned to practice" post!

Colleen Marie said...

I'm scared to start this pinning business. . .looks addictive!!

Andrea said...

Colleen ~ YES, addictive is an understatement. :)

For me though, it has helped to only pin things that are REALISTIC.

And really, me and my family have only benefited from this addiction! The new recipes I've tried, the organization techniques I have seen...there are SO MANY wonderful ideas right at your finger tips. You just need the motivation to actually follow through on them!