Thursday, August 30, 2012

from pinned to practice: #15&16

So, at the end of last week's post, I said I had two goals for the following week: To try something other than a food recipe. But that when I do try a recipe that it's for something other than chicken!

#15. Okay, so I did try another new recipe ~ but yes, I branched out from chicken! I tried this amazingly scrumptious Crock Pot Beef & Broccoli recipe. The simplest meal ever and one of the tastiest too! I picked the wrong day to make it though, since I was home all day long. Translation? I had to live in the mouth-watering smells for h-o-u-r-s and my stomach was growling all day from the delicious aroma! Finally it was time to dig in though...and I tell ya, it was worth the wait. It tasted just as good ~ if not better ~ than it smelled. And once again the whole family gave it a gold star rating! This meal will definitely be making a regular appearance in our food repertoire.

 #16. And look at me go ~ for my second pin of the week, I tried to make this cowl. I say "tried to" not because it was a failure...but because it just didn't turn out quite like the one from the link. Most of my problem was not lack of skill however, it was because I just used the yarn and crochet hook that I had on hand. In order to make my cowl drape as nicely ~ and be big enough to double-up around my neck ~ I definitely need a chunky yarn and a larger crochet hook. I followed the pattern with what I had though, and mine ended up looking like this:

I still think it turned out great, just not quite what I had in mind. I decided it would look just fine on me still but ended up giving it to Joelle. She was pretty happy to be the recipient.  :)

 Malia wanted a "prettier" scarf though. I actually was planning on giving it to her first since, being the youngest, she gets all of Joelle's hand-me-down's so I thought it would be a nice treat for her to get something new all to herself. Just because.

But yeah, her reaction was less than what I was expecting with it being all plain and gray and all.  :)  So I asked her if she wanted a more colorful one with some other yarn I had on hand. She was all for this mish-mash of colors so a couple of days later I whipped this one up for her as well.

I haven't crocheted much in the last little while ~ and this was my first time making anything other than a blanket ~ so I was pretty pleased with myself. And I remembered how much I enjoy making something all on my own. These scarves probably took me between 1 - 1.5 hours each. And I have since been to the store to get myself the appropriate-sized crochet hook and some beautiful chunky yarn. And yes, I'll be sure to post pictures of those beauties when I'm finished with them!

ps: This week has been c-r-a-z-y busy, which is why this "pinned to practice" post is only getting up so late in the week. This is literally the first time this week that I have been at my computer for more than just to check and quickly reply to emails and briefly scroll through my Facebook page. So does my busy week mean that I had no time to try new pins this week? Stay tuned next week to find out...


pam said...

That recipe looks pretty good! I don't cook a lot with beef, other than ground beef, so maybe I'll have to branch out too and give it a try!

Melissa said...

Awesome Cowls, I always knit mine so close to the face but these are super cute as a scarf/ accessory. Great work:)

Andrea said...

Yeah, it was supposed to be big enough to wrap around my neck a second time, which would bring it closer to my attempt should be better! :)