Friday, August 3, 2012

i finally got my fairytale ending

As you may remember from last year's experience, my reunion with Joelle after the l-o-n-g week didn't quite have the ending I was hoping for. I was barely even acknowledged and my heart broke just a little bit into a million pieces. So I was expecting much the same kind of greeting this time around; my expectations pretty low.

As Les, Malia and I were walking across the grounds, my eyes searching left and right to catch a glimpse of my daughter I finally saw something familiar out of the corner of my eye.

Joelle had seen us first and was running towards us with a huge grin on her face. Ah...this is more like it! I thought as my heart felt all warm and fuzzy inside from seeing her. She ran past her Dad and her sister and jumped right into my open arms. Ohhh that felt good!

It really was a wonderful reunion this time around. She was happy and smiley. She was physically affectionate. She was so delighted to see us.

And my arms were finally BOTH full again. The way they are meant to be.

Mom and her sweet oh-so-missed daughter.

Joelle was very affectionate with Malia too. They kept walking everywhere with their arms around each other. It was so sweet for this Mama to see.

Here is Joelle posing with her two cabin leaders. She really liked them and I could just tell that she had an absolute BLAST!

Here Joelle is with the other friend she went along to camp with. The big let-down with this though is that they were not placed in the same cabin like they were supposed to be. Mackenzie had asked Joelle to go to camp together first, so we made those arrangements on our registration forms. Then Faith also wanted to be together with Joelle (the friend who went with her last year too) so we made the arrangements with the camp for that too. I had been sure to stress to the camp though that this was all fine AS LONG AS Mackenzie was still in her cabin, given that these had been the original arrangements. Yes, I was assured that they would all 3 be together...however that was not the case.  :(  

I had a sneaking suspicion all week long, for some reason, that this was going to be the case but was really upset when I found out it was actually true! I felt REALLY bad since Mackenzie was the one who initiated things this year and she's the one who was left out in the cold. At least she seemed to handle it fine ~ and she was in a cabin with a few other girls that she knew from school so it wasn't a horrible experience for her or anything. Just really disappointing to not have things go as planned.

Anyway, other than that camp was a hit once again! And Joelle was extremely touched to come home to her homemade Welcome Home banner!

As much as she enjoys camp, she definitely misses me a lot while she's gone though. She struggled a little bit with homesickness over the course of the week but nothing to the extent of her crying for me or needing to phone home or anything. She hadn't even realized that my notes were missing ~ until the camp gave her the email (the day before camp was over!).

Once she gets home though, things seem to get worse. Once she's back together with me it's like it all hits her just how much she missed me when she was away. It was really hard for her to let me leave her side when putting her to bed. She kept crying and clinging to me, telling me how much she missed me and that she just wanted to be by my side. Today it's all good though and it's as if she was never gone.

I'm so happy for another positive camping experience and I know she's already thinking ahead to next year!


Kathy and Carl said...

So glad she had a great time. I love her smile with her welcome home banner. Sweet girl!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Awwww, so sweet :)