Friday, August 17, 2012

my mind is spinning

My girls were in a VBS {Vacation Bible School} program every morning this week. Today was the closing program where the parents could come and sit in on the last half hour to hear some things the kids learned throughout the week, watch a slideshow of pictures and listen to some of the songs that they sang. We bought the CD on the first day, and my girls have been singing the songs non-stop around the house already but it's always so powerful to witness a large group of kids singing their hearts out to our God.

It gets me every time. My eyes get all watery and at times the tears are even s-t-r-e-a-m-i-n-g down my cheeks. What an amazing thing to witness. The spunk, energy and enthusiasm for God from this young generation makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

What I also love from these types of things is that I always find the songs speaking directly to me. They're not just songs for kids ~ adults can get something out of them too. And today I sure did. Here are the lyrics to the one song in particular that struck a chord with me today...and had the tears a'rolling.

My mind is spinning; I'm all confused
I'm feeling sad and afraid
And kind of angry too
How can I be strong
When everything is going wrong
God give me strength
And help me to find my way

I gotta think, think, think,
Think about the goodness of You, my God
Because I know, know, know,
Matter how I feel 
I've got to trust in You
I want to trust in You

Yup. I definitely needed to hear those words today. It's been a rough patch for me lately in many ways, for many different reasons. And it's just one of the reasons I've been a bit quieter on this blog page lately. I have so many things inside of me, needing to be expressed. I just don't quite know how to do it yet. And maybe I never will.

But in the meantime ~ while my mind is spinning ~ I will choose to trust in Him. The One who is GOOD, the One who is PERFECT, the One who is HOLY and the One who knows what's BEST.

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Roo said...

wasnt it such a special week. every day when i walked into the church to pick up shiloh i'd nearly burst into tears. you could literally feel the FAtherheart of God and His great love for these kids. love you! xo