Friday, August 10, 2012

my prayer

Father, be my guide
As I traverse the rushing waters
As I try to make it through

Always by my side
While I r-e-a-c-h out my hand
To cling to Yours that is already outstretched

The way is long
And the journey is hard
But I am not alone

You will never leave me
You will never forsake me
I just have to believe that truth

I will be stronger
And my faith will grow
Even though it doesn't feel that way now

I may be unsure
I may be scared
I may be lacking so much

But this I have
Your faith in me
And that gives me faith in You

Your presence is there
I can feel it
Surrounding me, everywhere

Catch me when I fall
When the waters get too rough
And when I lose my footing

The pace may be slow
But hand-in-hand
I know we'll make it through

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