Sunday, August 19, 2012

the good, the bad...and the ugly beauty

"August is that
crazy in between month that possesses both
the l-i-n-g-e-r-i-n-g charms of summertime
and the enticing pull of autumn."
~ Quote taken from here {emphasis mine}

It's that time again. The time when the shift is in the air; the signs that one season will soon be coming to an end, followed by the next one right on its heels. I found the above quote last year {and posted it here} and I think that it is one of my most favorite quotes.

Because it holds so much truth.

There's something in us that wants to desperately hold on to the summer months, yet there also really is that "enticing pull" towards the fall months.

The beautiful sunflower field a few miles from our home.

I've come to the conclusion that the change of every season has this similar feeling ~ although perhaps none quite as much as this one. But really when you think about it, there are so many pros and cons to all of the seasons. And what it boils down to is that we really just need to live in the moment of each and every day.

Seasons will come...and seasons will go. We have absolutely no control over the speed in which it occurs. Longing for the spring melt every year doesn't make it come any quicker. And wanting to hold on to the hot summer days doesn't make them go any slower either.

Winter is cold. And dark. And l-o-n-g. But it also has the childhood joys of tobogganing, snowman building and ice skating. Kids with rosy cheeks, warming up with hot chocolate. And of course the anticipation of the Christmas season.

Spring has the beauty of new life. The renewed sense of hope; the brighter evenings. But it also brings with it full closets with the back-and-forth in-between stage of the colder days where you need the boots, hats and mittens, mixed in with the warmer ones where all you need is a light jacket. It has the messy slushiness. It has the "Stop teasing me, Mother Nature!" aspect as we feel the warmer weather dangled right under our noses only to be yanked away at a moment's notice.

Then of course summer brings with it the glorious warmth. The more carefree "schedule" with the kids out of school. It brings family outings to the beach or the cabin. It brings sleeping in {well, for some of us} and lazy evenings where we don't need to worry about the kids' homework or earlier bedtimes. But it also brings nasty bugs ~ like the current over-the-top wasp season we are in the middle of, fighting siblings who are starting to get sick of each other and...okay, well I can't think of too many other flaws with the short summer months.  :)

And then there is fall. Sure, this is when the evenings start getting shorter {daylight-wise} and the air has more of a chill in it. Where flip flops, tank tops and shorts start getting put away until next year. But we get to start having windows open to get glorious fresh air in our homes. The kids start heading back to school and life falls into more of a routine. Even those who seem to live for the summer months seem to enjoy the routine aspect of life again. The colors of the leaves burst forth with all of their breath-taking beauty and we can start enjoying cozy sweaters and fun stylish boots again. And take a break from the regular leg I right ladies?  ;)

My point? Well, my point is that there is good and bad in every season. Most people have a season that is their favorite. I used to say mine was fall ~ hands down! ~ until the last several years where I have instead clung to the hope that spring carries with it. But I have to say, inspite of the depression issues that come back to haunt me every year...there is something extra-special about the feel that the fall air brings to it.

And this year, my goal is to just soak it all in. Sometimes that means you have to take both the good and the bad. But that doesn't mean you have to focus on the negative. You can choose to focus on the beauty.

And every season has beauty. Sometimes you just have to look harder for it. But it's there.

Yes, it's all there. The good...the bad...and the beauty.

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pam said...

I was just thinking this morning how much I appreciate living in a place where we get to experience all the seasons! Great post. :)