Monday, September 10, 2012

1000 gifts: #539 - 558

[539] the annual thrill of the zip-line

 [540] and Malia trying it for the first time ~ and LOVING it!

[541] youth kids in our church who take the time to play with my girls and make them feel special
[542] returning home from the final summer weekend away
[543] special "dates"

[544] a walk with a friend on a perfect summer evening
[545] a fresh start

[546] great teachers and new classmates
[547] precious alone time
[548] being reunited with my cousin who lives all the way down in Mexico

[549] the decision I made last year to have my girls make their own school lunches
[550] the anticipation of the new fall season of TV starting
[551] the reminder of how our words/tone/actions can affect our children

[552] bringing back the skinny jeans out of hibernation
[553] sharing a poutine with my daughters

[554] laughing till I'm crying and my cheeks are sore
[555] all while playing this delightful game

[556] trustworthy friends
[557] getting back into routine
[558] the taste of my sweet, sweet Pepsi after a few days' hiatus

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Kathy and Carl said...

A gooder list if I ever saw one!