Tuesday, September 11, 2012

from pinned to practice: #19-21 (and #16 again)

Last week was another success with 3 new pins tried and an old one revisited.

I'll just get right down to it:

#16. I'll start with the re-visted pin from a couple of weeks ago. I said I was going to make this cowl again once I had the right yarn and crochet hook. I bought the right stuff and I attempted it once again...and it turned out beautifully!

The yarn I bought was a grey & white and it's perfect for fall. I can not wait to wear it! Well, actually I did wear it one cooler day last week already just for my walk to the bus stop to meet the kids after school (although then the sun came out and I was rather warm in it!). I was pretty tickled with how good it turned out. AND...I actually bought a beautiful purple yarn as well so I plan on making another one yet one day soon.

 #19. Now on to the new pins. Tying in nicely to the scarf motif...I put together a very simple scarf hanger using this pin as inspiration. What a simple way to properly hang your scarves so they are neat and tidy AND you can easily see them and access them. Looking at my beautiful scarves right now just makes me happy!

 #20. This next pin was actually in the works for a few weeks. It's easy, but just takes some planning since you have to make different colored ice cubes. Anytime we made Kool-Aid I would make sure to freeze some and then I just starting stocking them until I had 3 colors to use {I was too impatient to make any more...hee hee} and then added them to Sprite. The pin came from this website apparently, but the link didn't take me directly to the post. Good thing it was self-explanatory enough that I didn't have to search high and low to find the post to give me the directions. I served this to the girls when they got home from their first day of school last week as a special treat! Next time I'll try to be more patient and collect more ice cubes.

#21. And I can't complete a week of pins without trying a new supper recipe, now can I?  :)  I made these sweet and sour chicken balls...and while they tasted good, as is pretty normal I was disappointed that mine didn't look as good as the picture that I pinned. Oh well. The family loved them so that's all that matters!

I currently have one pin down already for this week...hoping for a few more but we'll see what time allows.


Melissa said...

Great job on the cowl- I love that it's grey and so long:)

Andrea said...

Thanks Melissa! It's very cozy and fall-ish...looking forward to wearing it many times!