Wednesday, September 26, 2012

from pinned to practice: #22 & 23 {sort of}

So, I'm not losing my Pinterest "mojo", I'm just really short on time these days. My last couple of weeks have consisted of attending a bridal shower, a l-o-n-g church meeting, planning & attending a bachelorette party, planning Joelle's birthday, planning Malia's birthday (festivities begin for this on Friday) all on top of the regular things that make life busy enough already. I have been having a hard time just keeping up, never mind trying all sorts of new things.

So I am allowing myself a small hiatus from meeting my quota of a minimum of 1 pin a week temporarily. This post covers two weeks so technically I made it by the skin of my teeth...but if you want to get really technical, they were both from one week.

#22. I made these Parmesan Bakes Potato Halves as a side dish one evening. They got a bit dark, but I have to say I actually prefer my potatoes to be a bit more on the dark side. I found there wasn't enough flavour though so next time I'll have to up the doses of the parmesan and other spices. Other than that though, they were still tasty and I will definitely try them again sometime.

#23. I say {sort of} for this pin because I am not really using it...yet. I personalized a day planner that I found from this pin - see #1 under the "Weekly Planner" section. I made some tweaks and I think it would be really nice to use on a regular basis. I printed out one page to give it a trial run one day and I liked it. I just haven't taken the time to print more out! I do like keeping lists so I'm hoping that once the birthday craziness ends around here, I will take the time to actually put this pin to good use. But technically I did put it into practice - even if only for a day - so I think it still counts...but hence the {sort of}.  ;)

Give me another week or so to catch my bearings and hopefully I'll get back into my regular habit of putting my pins into practice. But with more craziness coming up within the next couple of weeks - a wedding, Malia's birthday, Thanksgiving {which not only includes family gatherings but also a church dinner & program for which I am in charge of organizing}, family pictures, etc. - it might take awhile before I can get back into the same groove I had before. But I figure since I haven't even had time to really be on Pinterest to pin anything new, at least I'm not really falling behind!

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LaughingLady said...

We love those potatoes, although my recipe doesn't call for anything but parmesan cheese. We add salt, pepper, and sour cream at the table.