Wednesday, September 12, 2012

shop till you drop

The last week of summer holidays, I took the girls shopping for some new back-to-school clothes. I had been saving up some cash {from selling some of my own items on a local buy & sell page} for this special shopping trip. Usually I would just go out and buy stuff for them that they needed and that was that. But this year I wanted to go shopping with them and give them a bit more freedom of what they wanted to buy.

So I gave them each their allotted amount of money and they were free to spend it as they wished. Well, I did have final say ~ you know, if they wanted a shirt that didn't actually fit or if they wanted to spend it all on tights or whatever. But other than that they had free reign.

We made our first stop at Value Village ~ a second-hand store. Unfortunately I hadn't realized that it was exactly that day that they were having their 50% off day. Why is that unfortunate? Well, because the store was INSANELY busy and by the time we got there after lunch things were so picked through. We may have gotten our items for 50% less, but we had about 80% less selection too! Regardless, they each selected 4 items {after making them try things on in the middle of the aisles overtop of their clothes 'cause there was NO way I was standing in the line-up for the changing rooms} and off we went.

Our second ~ and final ~ stop was The Children's Place. Oh did my girlies ever have fun in this store. Running between the rack of cool hats, funky headbands and pretty scarves to the skirts and shirts. So many nice things, so little money to go around {Ha! Ain't that the truth!}. In the end they decided to get everything pretty much the same as each other. I tried to convince them otherwise ~ since they are wearing the same size of clothing now, if they got different things then they could share and actually have TWICE the wardrobe. But these sisters do like to match from time to time, so they would not be talked out of it!

They were so proud to be the ones to pay for their items themselves ~ even though it still wasn't really their money {okay, not even remotely close to their money} ~ and Malia even said at one point that she felt so grown up.  :)

I just enjoyed teaching them this lesson of the value of money. They had to make wise choices if they wanted to make the most of the money they were given. Once their money was gone, it was gone.

It was a really special experience and I look forward to doing it again next year! Although by that time ~ if I remember to regularly give them their allowance money ~ I think they'll be making at least some sort of contribution to the wardrobe fund! Aren't they cute with their shopping bags? I'm sure it won't be long until it is absolutely forbidden for me to take a picture like this with so many witnesses...but I'll enjoy it while I can!

Oh, and we can't forget the yummy treat that we stopped to share once we were at the mall. Hello ooey-gooey delicous Poutine! I can't wait until we meet again....

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pam said...

Great idea! No doubt more work than just picking the clothes yourself, but definitely a good start for teaching them about money and the value of stuff. And poutine... yum. Now you've got me wanting some. :)