Thursday, September 13, 2012

take me out to the ball game

At the end of August, our family of 4 got invited to go to a baseball game with friends of ours. I'll say three words about it to start off with:

I loved it!

Of course a big part of the reason was the people we went with. It's always great to spend time with wonderful friends.

But there was another reason why this evening was enjoyed so much by me in particular. I was given a good dose of restored faith while attending this ball game. Faith that the world isn't actually all as bad as we sometimes think it is.

It was so nice to be at a ball diamond with so many people and actually feel and witness the kindness of strangers on several different occasions.

First of all, we weren't all sitting together {as we had to purchase 2 additional tickets a couple of days before the game} so Malia had fun going back and forth between us gals and the guys. Since we were part-way down the row, this meant that about 6 people had to get up multiple times throughout the game to let Malia pass by them. And not once did we get any rude looks or comments, or even grunts of annoyance. In fact, they would always smile at her when she passed by them.

Then Joelle got a "bless you" from a young guy sitting in front of us when she had a couple of big sneezes. Might not seem like a huge deal, but it really was. He was probably 20 years old or so, and made the effort to turn around and look at her while giving his "bless you." He even gave her a smile, as she was giggling from the sheer volume of her sneeze.

At one point of the game, they were throwing out creamsicles to the crowd. I sat and watched as one gentleman {probably in his 30's} got up from his seat after catching one of the prized treats, hopped up several rows and handed his ice cream to an empty-handed child. A total stranger.

There was also dancing at this ball game, in between innings and such. Some of the staff members {all probably late teens/early twenties} would get up on these platform things while music played and would dance up the crowd. So what? you might be thinking. Well, first of all ~ the dancing was innocent and fun. No sexual innuendos came across from their dancing. It was all tasteful and just good ol' fashion fun. And secondly...well, let's just say that dancing was not their calling. At least not most of them. But you know what? They did it anyway. And they didn't just do it because they were probably told they had to. They put some heart and soul into it.

And the best part? Nobody boo-d them! They had the freedom to dance like no one was watching...because nobody made fun of them for their lack of skills.

There were no fights during this game. Not between players, not between coaches and umps, and certainly not in the stands. There were no negative chants being thrown around against the visiting team and nobody got ejected from the game. It was purely an evening of family entertainment.

It was so nice to just sit in an environment where negativity just seemed to be completely thrown out the window.

Oh, and I saved the best part till last! There was a foul ball that got hit into our direction of the crowd. See the gentleman in the blue t-shirt looking at the camera? He's the one who caught the ball...and when Joelle looked back at him with a "Whoa, neat", guess what he did? Well, you can tell from the picture by now obviously...but he smiled and gave up the ball for her.

Just. like. that.

Now, granted, this isn't a major league baseball or anything. But still! His simple act of kindness put this huge grin on my daughter's face.

And I think that's pretty cool.

So "take me out to the ball game" indeed! After this experience, it gave me totally renewed faith that there are truly good people still out there. Kindness from strangers is not a thing of the past. It's alive and well!


LaughingLady said...

I LOVE the atmosphere at that ballpark!! We were hoping it would work to take the girls once this summer, but it just didn't happen.

TammyIsBlessed said...

It's so awesome to witness that, especially multiple times in an evening! Thanks for sharing it :)

Jackie said...

That was such a sweet post! I love it when we can see all the good in our world! What a blessing!