Thursday, October 4, 2012

from better

I like to bake. Of course my problem is that I like to eat what I bake even more ~ but I do enjoy the actual act of baking too {with an extra bonus being licking the least if the girls aren't around to steal that privilege from me!}.

It often strikes me, when looking at the combined, pre-mixed ingredients, that this doesn't even make sense. How in the world will this unattractive mumble-jumble of stuff being thrown together ever end up turning into something beautiful and delicious?! How does that even work?

But somehow it does. And it reminds me of me. Of all of us really. And how God is the ultimate Baker who takes all of the unattractive mumble-jumble-ness that is us and makes something beautiful.

Without God, we are a mess.We don't make sense. Our lives are in complete disarray and we wonder how in the world this can have a positive outcome.

But somehow it can. God takes every part of us - the good, the bad, the ugly...and He uses it to mold us into His image. He takes our positive experiences, our negative experiences, our good qualities and our bad qualities. Our talents, our weaknesses. He takes all of the ingredients that make us who we are...and makes us better. He makes us beautiful.

He turns us from lumpy, odd-looking batter to a beautifully shaped {and tasty} cupcake.

And His grace, mercy, love and forgiveness? Well, that's just the icing on the top!

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