Monday, October 22, 2012

from pinned to practice: #25-27

I was back with a vengeance last week with trying out new pins. Well, by "with a vengeance" I mean I did 3 new pins - but after the drought I've had, it sure seemed like a lot.

And considering they were all new recipes that I made the mistake of doing 3 nights in a row (next time I'll spread it out a little bit) it felt even more like a huge feat! And bonus points for me - NONE of the recipes involved chicken!

#25. First up last week were these delicious Honey Garlic Pork Chops. Unfortunately I only had thin little pork medallion-type pieces of meat which are still tasty, but they're almost so thin that it feels like you're hardly eating anything! But aside from that, the flavour of the oh-so-simple marinade was scrumptious. I made sure to make extra sauce to heat up in a pan to put over the rice. Everyone LOVED the flavour and I'll definitely be making this one again.

*Side note: The made-from-scratch cheese sauce for over the broccoli was a new recipe too but it wasn't a pinned recipe. I just wanted to try some cheese sauce so I googled a recipe and made it. It was a hit too!*

#26. Tuesday brought with it this slow cooker baked potato soup. Let me tell you - served with fresh homemade bread, this was another pretty simple yet amazingly tasty meal. And after years and years of barely using my crockpot, these past few months I have fallen in love with it! Malia was not a fan of this soup for some odd reason, but the rest of us all enjoyed it. I will make it again for sure and hopefully Malia will be willing to give it a fair chance on round 2. I think part of the problem was that she added green onions to hers. I did try giving her another scoop without the green onions, but the flavour might've still been too present in her mouth.

#27.  Wednesday was the last day for a new pinned recipe (phew!). I made these Pizza Buns and wow, were they ever inhaled! The french bread recipe for the dough alone was to die for (and I can't wait to make the dough again to use for french bread...or even pizza crust), but the pizza buns as a whole were simply wonderful. The girls loved taking them to school for lunch the next day, and now that I know how easy they are (and how much of a hit they are!), next time I will make a HUGE batch and freeze them for quick lunches.

And on that note, I'm going to feed my grumbling tummy! Did you have a successful week with trying out things that you've pinned? Or have you been slacking off like I was? I want to encourage you to get back at it - it felt so rewarding to try new things again. And my family sure enjoyed it too!

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