Tuesday, October 30, 2012

from pinned to practice: #28 (and spin-offs on #25 & 27)

After the busy week last week of trying 3 new recipes one after the other...after the other, this week my menu plan consisted of all things I have made numerous times.

That being said, I did actually do spin-offs of two of the recipes from last week.

#25(1/2). We loved this honey garlic recipe so much that I used it on my meatballs this past week. It was scrumptious once again, and the girls certainly didn't complain that we had the same sauce as a week and a half ago on a different kind of meat.

#27(1/2). The dough recipe I got from the pizza bun pin was also recommended to use for pizza crust. So since pizza was on the menu for Friday, I decided to give it a whirl. It was very tasty - but it was quite hard and crunchy. Next time I'll just bake the crust together with the pizza instead of following the recipe and first baking the crust in the pan and then again with the pizza toppings.

#28. And my one entirely new pin this week was as simple as you can get - but still very convenient! It was a pin from this site to simply glue a pom-pom to the end of your dry erase marker for an instant eraser. It was very handy yesterday as I was clearing off last week's menu board to create this current week's list.

This was a great reminder to me that pins don't have to be radical, out-of-this-world HUGE feats in order for it to still be an accomplishment. Even a simple idea such as this - that literally took 20 seconds to do - is still better than nothing.

So let that be an encouragement for those of you who want to start trying more of your pins on a regular basis. Start small! Or give yourself a week "off" where you do one or two of these easy-peasy pins. It still feels good to be able to say you've done something that you pinned!

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