Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween 2012

This year was probably one of my favorite ones costume-wise for the girls. I love how everything all came together. Joelle was a pink crayon (using one of my yoga mats, hockey tape and some good ol' construction paper) and she was tickled pink - pun intended - about the finished product.  :)  And she was even more excited when she came home from school today to say that her teacher complimented her (and only her) on her costume in front of the whole class.

Malia went as a little old lady. I used baking soda to color her hair, put it up in a bun and her fashion glasses and pearl necklace were a nice touch. I pinned a pillow on the inside of her cardigan too, giving her a hunchback. Les made her a wooden cane - and oh yeah, can't forget the slippers.  :)

I loved the old lady costume so much, I think I just might do that one myself next year. But this year, I put on my wedding dress, borrowed a veil, tiara and long gloves from various friends and was a princess/bride. It was so cute getting all of the wide-eyed little girls and hearing their compliments. Even a lot of young teenage girls were doling out the positive comments!

And here we all, all three of us. We're like the beginning of a bad joke: "A princess, an old lady and a crayon walk into a bar..."    :)

I hope you all had a happy & safe Halloween this year!


TammyIsBlessed said...

Awesome costumes! I'm a bit confused about how you made the crayon one though. Did you tape construction paper to the yoga mat?

Jackie said...

Awesome Andrea! And crazy - your wedding gown is even a bit BIG on you! You go girl!!!!

LaughingLady said...

Haha, I LOVE the little old lady!!